Let your team grow.

Become an inspiring team leader, a motivating team coach, a wise organization coach. 

Help others grow. 

Learn to become an inspiring team leader

You are team leader and you want your team to function: people happy to work together, caring about each other, caring about the product they make or the service they offer to the customer. Transparent, confident,trusting, ready to jump in when a team member needs some help with a difficult task or support if there are problems in private life.

You like working with people. But maybe you need some additional skills. Help people achieve what the want through motivational conversation. Learn to use positive psychology to focus on positive goals instead of on problems. Avoid defensive reactions by genuine empathy and open question instead of well-meant but finally ineffective advice.

This two day training/workshop will introduce you to some essential tools and insights that get you on the road to meaningful improvement in your team. Go for better vibes!

Become a Team Coach

Most companies want their employees happy and engaged, working well together in teams. But whose job is it to make this happen?

Enter the Team Coach, often an Agile Team Coach. Make the magic happen, create those high-performing teams, help the teams through their forming - storming - norming -performing cycle. Really help them make it happen, not just set the stage of Scrum ceremonies and wait...

If this is your cup of tea, we have got just the right training for you: Team Growing. A fascinating mix of positive psychology, team learning, coaching, agile exercises. The full training takes six days: 3 sessions of 2 days each, a month apart so you have time to practice what you learn.

And if you like, you become part of the ADJUGO family, receive support and maybe start coaching newbies yourself, periodic intervision sessions, meetups, maybe missions we do together. Because the market is beginning to pay attention to the strength of teams and the role of team coaches.

Team Coach training                                                 

... and grow into Organization coaching

You are a successful team coach? The next challenge comes around: organization coaching. Not just motivating and aligning team members and a number of teams, now you may want to help managers become servant leaders, be part of a performing management team, help them set up the right structures and way of working to help the teams grow into happier, better performing teams, delivering value instead of succumbing to an ever-growing workload.

Our Organization Coach training is your next step. A week long boot-camp in a nice location is exactly what you need to set the next step in your coaching career and have even more impact on creating a constructive, happy workplace.

You care about your teams?

Learn how to help them grow...

We believe in teams. Working in collaborative, constructive and happy teams makes us grow as human beings. We offer training and support you if you want to take up this mission in life.