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Change the way of working and the mindset of your organization

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Adopt agile processes

The move to agile means the adoption of processes quite different from the ones we are used to. The first component of agile coaching is therefore helping the teams and organization implement those new processes. Scrum and Kanban, daily standups, planning meetings, review and retrospectives, burndown chart and Work in Process limits: all components of the new way of working, and all requiring some coaching and support when first implementing them.

Moving up to agile at scale, more processes are added, to coordinate between teams, to create larger products and a continuous flow of value creation, to manage a portfolio in line with the company strategy.

ADJUGO coaches are well trained in the different methodologies and frameworks and can help you implement Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and others.

Help your teams grow

Agility sets the stage for performing and high-performing teams, collaborating intensively towards a shared and well understood goal.

ADJUGO team coaching focuses on enabling the teams to collaborate better, to become more confident, take more responsibility, and enjoy working together better.

We use the TeamGrowing model developed by our partner Organisatie 4.0. TeamGrowing uses techniques from positive psychology and solution-oriented coaching and apply motivating conversation to help teams, individual members, and managers to work together in creating customer value.

An ADJUGO team coach will your teams become learning and performing teams.

More on TeamGrowing

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Grow an open mindset

We focus on creating value for the customer, empathize with him to understand what brings value. We make a basic version of the product to learn about the features the customers really need and love. We reflect on ways to improve the way of working and on our way of working together.

In short, ADJUGO coaches help you transform the culture of your company towards the open, collaborative, creative and customer-oriented organization you need to be in the 21st century. Engage your employees to delight your customers…

Nurture people and talent

Psychological safety. That is the single most important factor determining the success of your teams in innovation, creativity and productivity.

Fostering psychological safety in your workplace is what our coaches will help you achieve.

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ADJUGO coaching. Let us travel together.

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