SAFe: a credible way to become agile on a large scale.

Agile is scaling up

Agile has been around for a while. Agile has also been successful. In smallish projects the results are amazing.

Some companies have managed to embrace agile and become household names because of innovative software delivery. Spotify, Google. Microsoft is picking it up. You can make agile work in and for large companies.

Interest is picking up among (very) traditional business. Banks, insurance companies, retailer: the traditional companies realize that they need access to the innovation, productivity and quality that agile offers.

The basic agile tool, Scrum, however works best for co-located teams of 5 to 9 people. Making an entire company of hundreds of employees located in different countries, even continents, require a different set of tools. And there is the chalenge: maintain agility while working in a bigger structure.

SAFe is the first credible framework to make agile work in large companies and still deserving the label agile. That is why ADJUGO has decided to use it as a base framework in our service offering...

DevOps removes the chasm between development and operations and results in better and leaner business and IT integration


Another fairly new kid on the block is DevOps. It is a natural evolution of the ScrumXP development approach, in particular the test driven - continuous integration aspect. Its main business reason originally was the ability to deliver software in production with high frequency, daily or even tens of times per day for some companies. This is closely related to the Lean Start-up approach, which has a focus on delivering as fast as possible and using the feedback from the market to develop the features that people like and dropping development on others.

Although many companies do not need multiple releases per day, the ability to deliver frequently will improve thoughput, decreases 'work in progress' or stock and results in closer integration of business needs and IT delivery. DevOps is fast gaining adoption. It also is an essential component of the SAFe framework.


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