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Teams and positive impact

Companies are figuring it out. Performing teams are the answer to the challenges we face: fast technical evolution, a wide-open market, customers shopping all over the world.

Teams need challenges and need to work in a safe environment. They need to challenge each other, collaborate intensively and support each other.

The relation between team and managers needs to grow and set the stage for this change.

The TeamGrowing approach helps both teams and managers to achieve this new relationship.

Training TeamGrowing

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Agility and change

The agile way of working is based on autonomous teams that can cope with change more easily. Change is part of life in agility. 

But the agile transformation is also a big change in itself. And the teams do not start out as the resilient, self-confident teams we want them to be.  

To make a success of the agile transformation, we focus on growing the teams: growing their confidence, trust and motivation. So that they can fulfill their role as cornerstone of the agile enterprise. 

Change is not easy. But difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

TeamGrowing: engage the teams

That is why we use the TeamGrowing approach developed by Organisatie 4.0. We want to help teams achieve autonomy, confidence, trust, transparency, customer orientation and finally performance. Gradually, step by step, in an agile way.  

Learning teams, with a growth mindset.  We believe that such teams are happier and better performing. They can embrace change as a positive challenge, switching from negative to positive stress.  

Work in well performing teams gives the team members energy and positivity. This in turn stimulates creativity and performance. And makes the team have impact. 

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We teach TeamGrowing

We can teach you the skills needed to build the new culture, based on strong teams that take charge, take responsibility and come up with high-quality and desirable solutions for the customers.

TeamGrowing helps you become the leader or coach that helps unleash the power, creativity, mutual support, dedication and fun in their teams.

You help your teams grow. And you will grow yourself...

Adopt TeamGrowing to help change your company culture

It changed us. The style of our agile coaches and of our training sessions is deeply influenced by the insights of the TeamGrowing model. We welcome you to be inspired as well.

       TeamGrowing training

New version (v10) of the TeamGrowing (TeamLeren) book available!

You can order the  printed version (Dutch, Belgian version), or the e-Book.

Help teams grow and achieve impact