Our References  

Ahold Delhaize
Ahold Delhaize Groothandel/Retail
Ahold Delhaize is a major distribution company. They followed Leading SAFe training at ADJUGO to prepare for the agile transformation.
Allnex Chemische industrie
Allnex contacts ADJUGO to help implement Agile@Scale in their IT department. ADJUGO provides coaching, consulting and training.
Alpega IT/Communicatie
Alpega is a software company specializing in solutions for transport companies. They collaborated with ADJUGO to organize in-house Leading SAFe training.
Aquafin Watertoelevering
Aquafin coordinates sewage water treatment and sewer construction in the Flemish Region in Belgium. ADJUGO helps their digital and agile transformation by organizing in-house training for scrum masters, product owners and team members.
BNP Paribas Fortis
BNP Paribas Fortis Financiën/Verzekering
BNP Paribas fortis is a leading bank in Europe and an early adopter of the agile way of working. They were among the first customers for the SAFe Lean Portfolio Management workshop, a precursor to the SAFe Lean Portfolio Management training.
BOSA DT Openbaar bestuur
BOSA DT is the Federal Public Service for Policy and Support of the other public services of the Belgian federal government and for Digital Transformation. ADJUGO has organized in-house SAFe-training as well as delivered an agile coach to help teams work in an agile way.
Barco Productie
BARCO is a leading provider of innovative visualisation solutions. BARCO is adopting a more agile way of working, in line with its aim to keep on providing innovative solutions and world class services.
Corilus SA
Corilus SA IT/Communicatie
Corilus is a software company specializing in solutions for the medical sector. They followed SAFe training at ADJUGO and later ordered in-company agile and SAFe training.
Destiny NV
Destiny NV Telecom
Destiny is a challenger in the market of secure cloud telecom services. They want an agile coach to keep their CORE values (Commit, Own, Respect, Empower) intact during their fast growth.
Deutsche Bank Belgium
Deutsche Bank Belgium Financiën/Verzekering
The Belgian branch of Deutsche Bank organized an in-company Leading SAFe training with ADJUGO and participated in some additional workshop on agility and SAFe.
Dimension Data Belgium
Dimension Data Belgium IT/Communicatie
The Belgian branch of Dimension Data, a hybrid IT-systems Integrator and Managed Services company, organized two in-company training sessions of Leading SAFe.
Eurocontrol Transport
Eurocontrol is an international organisation that coordinates air traffic control and air safety in Europe. ADJUGO was hired to audit a SAFe implementation and coach Eurocontrol in improving the implementation.
FCT Solutions
FCT Solutions Opleiding
FCT is a training company, specialized in training in the leading methodological frameworks. ADJUGO partnered with FCT-solutions to offer public and in-company training, in response to a calll for tender by FAFIEC, an organzation that subsidizes vocational training in France.
Federal Pension Service
Federal Pension Service Openbaar bestuur
The Belgian Federal Pension Service manages pensions and is very customer oriented. Its 'MyPension' application really supports pensioners. They want to enhance their agile way of working and have organized in-company Leading SAFe training as well as followed SAFe Lean Portfolio Manegement training at ADJUGO.
Federal public service Social Security Belgium
Federal public service Social Security Belgium Openbaar bestuur
The division People with a Handicap of the FSP Social Security is developing a new application to support the certification of handicaps. They invited ADJUGOO to provide agile coaching for the project.
Fluvius Energie aanbod
Fluvius manages distribution networks of energy in Flanders. ADJUGO has contributed in different project as lean and agile coaches, scrum master and agile business analyst.
KBC Bank & Verzekering
KBC Bank & Verzekering Financiën/Verzekering
KBC is one of Belgium's large banks and insurance companies.
KU Leuven directie ICTS
KU Leuven directie ICTS Opleiding
KU Leuven is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Managers in their IT department wanted to modernize their approach and turned to SAFe. They followed a Leading SAFe training at ADJUGO and hired ADJUGO to assist them with the implementation of SAFe.
Liantis Gezondheid/Sociaal
LIANTIS provides a wide range of services to SME in Belgium. They implement SAFe and first followed the Leading SAFe training at ADJUGO.
Luminus Energie aanbod
Luminus is an energy provider in Belgium. They want to improve their agile way of working. Some employees followed the Leading SAFe training at ADJUGO. Afterwards, Luminus ordered in-company Leading SAFe training at ADJUGO.