Install a lean-agile center of excellence

The lean-agile center of excellence (LACE) is a key factor in the success of your agile transformation

The LACE: a guiding coalition for change

The LACE is a key driver of the change. Often run as an agile team, the LACE helps the transformation, through training, ,consultancy and coaching. The LACE facilitates workshops, Communities of Practice makes sure bast practices get introduced and coaches teams to become happy, performing, autonomous agile teams.

ADJUGO loves to help you set up and run a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.

Organization coaching

The lean-agile transformation is about people.

Sure, the processes are important. But people will make a success of your transformation.

The most successful transformations are those where both management and the teams want the transformation and collaborate to achieve alignment.

ADJUGO has organization coaches who do exactly that: make sure that the teams and management get aligned to a common vision of the future. 

Walking to your destination

We often do this coaching exercise. Imagine your destination. It is a 10. Where are you now? Look back and see what you already achieved. Look at the steps ahead. What are the first steps you can take towards your destination?

It works for individuals. It works for teams, as it starts an interesting discussion. It works for management teams who plan to achieve their objectives

The big point is: if all these ambitions and goals are aligned, people stay and are motivated to achieve the goal together. 

This form of organization coaching is based on the TeamGrowing model.

Capture the destination

Make the vision and destination clear to everybody. A common goal is highly motivating.

Capture the destination in the Portfolio canvas, the future state of your company. Make clear how everybody can contribute. Sketch the roadmap to your destination.

The teams will find ways to achieve the goal. Autonomously.

This is the link to Lean Portfolio Management...

Get everybody aligned

Make a success of your lean-agile transformation by aligning all teams to a clear objective. Support them with professional coaching and consultancy.