Meet the Adjugo Team

Company team

Chris Verlinden, partner

 Founder and agile pioneer, Chris has introduced the lean-agile mindset in Adjugo and in numerous customers. I love giving SAFe training and consultancy in companies transitioning towards lean and agile. 

Company team

Karen De Boeck, partner

Karen is a leading lean-agile transformation consultant and an organization coach. I have a broad view and a talent to set thing in motion.

Listen to thepodcast where Chris Parker interviews her on the role of enterprise agile coach at Dstny.

Company team

Marie Jacqmin, agile coach

I believe in motivating people by active listening, bringing structure, flow, transparency and a shared vision, by experiencing the fun and being proud of what we achieved at the end of the day.

Agility is not an empty concept, it is a way of doing, thinking and behaving... I try to follow my natural flair to bring agile to help teams become more self-organized and bring change to all contexts I work in.

Jan Verstrepen, agile coach

My Passion? As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, I support teams to grow in their collaboration and self-organization. Development teams, operational teams, management team(s): help them build trust, continuously improve, and evolve to a performing team.

I do not only know and live what agile working is, I also know how to achieve it as a person, as a team, as an organization. So I help and motivate teams to build a learning environment, based on connecting people and inspiring leadership.

Jürgen Maus, agile coach

It is my passion to unleash the energy, motivation and inspiration that every individual, team, organisation still has hidden under the surface. The power that can bring a company and every individual to his full potential.

Positivism, listen to understand, empathy, being pragmatic and dreaming are for me the key values I embrace and use to guide teams in their journey towards a healthy and innovative organisation.
Get to know Jürgen through his podcast on the Power of Dreams.


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ADJUGO: what does it mean

The Latin verb adjugare means 'to join', 'to connect'. ADJUGO literally means: "I connect".

And that is what we stand for. We connect people. We help teams and companies achieve agile transformations through joining the team and connecting, so that the teams feel better, can improve, become better at self-organizing.

We are also connected as a team. We coach others and we coach ourselves. We support each other.

Our core mission is to help people and teams to become better at collaborating and grow into a performing team. In a generative, open company culture, with a focus on the growth of people.

To create happier, more supportive, more innovative and creative work places, based on human warmth, not on burnouts.

Contact us if you want us to work with you, or if you want to work with us.

What about our logo ?

Designed by Marie.

It contains the 4 colours of DISC. Each colour stands for a personality style, a way of interacting with the team also.

So we see the protective circles that symbolize the team, and the different types of people in the team. Working together...

Learn more about DISC and how to help people and teams grow in our TeamGrowing training...
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Let us grow great teams. Together...