Lean-agile consultancy

We can offer advice, expertise, coaching and expert services

to help you in your lean-agile transformation

We help your teams

The move to lean-agile will not work unless you also empower your teams. Autonomous, self-governing teams are the cornerstone for the high quality, innovation and ultimately productivity that agility can achieve.

Some teams achieve this high productivity all by themselves, just by following agile practices. And other teams struggle with change, personal problems, a lack of trust. And they can use help,

We use the TeamGrowing model to help teams achieve their goal, build trust through transparency, open their mindset by a focus on continuous improvement, become a learning team. TeamGrowing is based on positive psychology and uses the power of positivity and well-being to create performing teams.

We coach organizations

The key to a successful transformation lies in the commitment of leadership. Transformation requires purpose, focus and clarity of the roadmap.

Leaders must know what they must do, but lean-agile is uncharted territory for many, at odds with established management practices and a different take on many processes.

That is where you will need a lean-agile organization coach, who can see the big picture and give advice as well as coach the management team and the main stakeholders. And can connect with the team coaches and scrum masters, to realize the mind-shift and keep the momentum going.

We can also help you set up a Lean Agile Center of Excellence that help the organization make the transformation...
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We provide training

We love to share our passion for lean and agile and coaching. That is why we provide not just training agility, we provide agile training, where you will experience agility during the session.

We have public training classes. And we provide in-company training. Different setting, same engagement, interactivity and intensity.

ADJUGO: experts in agile at scale

You get great results in your agile teams? You would love to see the same level of engagement and productivity in your entire company?

SAFe is the most widespread model for companies and organizations that want to do agility at scale. You will have many questions, at the start and during the transformation. 

SAFe may not have all the answers, but it most certainly has a lot of them.

ADJUGO is the specialist in SAFe in Belgium since 2015. And we love to share our knowledge and passion about lean-agile at scale with you. 

Business agility assessment

Did you already start on your agile journey and do you want to measure what you have achieved by now?

We can perform a Business Agility Assessment with your teams and your organization.

This will help you in defining the next steps, the value they can bring and their priority.

ADJUGO can help you as a guide

The agile transformation is complex and will bring you in uncharted territory. Let us guide you through it.